Securitas Imperii

Securitas Imperii is the peer-reviewed periodical of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, concerned primarily with the 1938-1989 period (both in Czechoslovakia and abroad). The heart of the magazine consists of original historical papers as well as documentary histories, reviews, summaries and reports. Securitas Imperii is issued twice annually, with one of the issues being largely monothematic.

Securitas Imperii accepts theoretical articles and work with a politological focus (totalitarianism, authoritarianism, ideology and applications thereof in concrete historical circumstances). The magazine is not oriented exclusively towards component aspects (persecution, the Holocaust), but attempts to address the stipulated period as a whole. The Editorial Board thus welcomes contributions concerning cultural, religious, economic or social history, as long as they thematically or methodologically relate to issues relevant to totalitarian regimes. The Editorial Board further encourages the submission of original, quality contributions on related subject matter extending beyond the defined time period, including Czech fascism, Stalinism, the Ukrainian Hladomor, and so on. Contributions may be submitted in the English language.

Securitas imperii (ISSN 1804-1612) can be purchased in select bookstores or at the Institute’s Ján Langoš library in the Czech Republic, or online in the Czech language at: For international orders in English, please write:,


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Peer Review

The Editorial Board of Securitas Imperii requires that submitted texts not have been simultaneously sent for publication or review to other periodicals. Only original texts, conceived by those cited as the author or authors, will be accepted for publication. All submitted contributions must fulfill the formal requirements demanded of a professional text; otherwise they will not be accepted. Each paper and documentary history will be subject to an anonymous peer review. For each contribution, two reader’s critiques from independent experts will be drawn up, on whose basis the Editorial Board will decide whether or not the contribution will be published. The peer review will last at most two months from the date the contribution is submitted to the Board. The authors of texts accepted for publication in Securitas Imperii agree to their publication as study material on the Web pages of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes.

The Editorial Board of Securitas Imperii will endeavor to include the magazine on the list of non-impacted scientific and specialized magazines (the so-called positive list of the Government Board for Science and Research) as soon as possible.

Editorial Board