Lectures for schools and the public

On the basis of requests from public institutions (secondary schools and universities, civic associations, museums, etc.), Institute lecturers offer lectures on specific themes, some of which are accompanied by film screenings or audio clips.

In many cases the form can be chosen:

  1. lecture – lecturer’s commentary for larger audiences
  2. seminar – for smaller audiences, with individuals’ active participation in the debate

The following themes are available:

  • Czech music during the period of peril - 1938 through 1945 – (MT)
  • Czech aristocracy in confrontation with totalitarian regimes of the 20th century – (ZH)
  • Czechoslovak pilots in German captivity 1940 – 1945 – (LK)
  • History and the contemporary state of film propaganda - (PK)
  • Film and propaganda in the era of socialist realism of 1950s Czechoslovak cinematography - (PS)
  • The film King of Šumava in the light (and darkness) of the symbolism of evil - (PK)
  • The filmmaker as historian - (PK)
  • Film and censorship – the legacy of the 1st Festival of Czechoslovak Film in Banská Bystrica, 1959 - (PS)
  • Historical contexts of the collectivization of the countryside - (VR)
  • The ideological language of communism in film - (KC)
  • Invasion of the troops of the five Warsaw Pact states in the year 1968, Czechoslovak citizens whose lives were taken and the criminal activity of occupation soldiers – (MB)
  • Communist Czechoslovakia as exile after 1948 – (MB)
  • Normalization idyll: ideological pictures of daily life from the 1970s and 1980s - (JP)
  • Normalization pictures of the Prague Spring (through the example of the serial Thirty Cases of Major Zeman, among others) - (JP)
  • Politics in film – socially engaged creation through the example of the works of the directors Ján Kadár and Elmar Klos - (PS)
  • The position of Czechoslovak foreign resistance in Great Britain 1940-1941 and Czechoslovak pilots – (LK)
  • The position of veterans of the first and second resistance in communist Czechoslovakia – (JM)
  • 1968 in pictures and words: lecture on the year 1968 accompanied by media clips - (JP)
  • Samizdat against totalitarianism - (FS)
  • The secret union for the liberation of Europe. Resistance or opposition? – (MT)
  • The Thirty Cases of Major Zeman – an attempt at the ideological reinterpretation of modern Czech history - (KC)
  • Thirteen years behind barbed wire. The tragic fate and death of air force major Josef Bryks, prisoner of two totalitarian regimes – (LK)
  • The foundational period of the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia (1948-1955) – (MT)

Illustrative photo - Public Illustrative photo - Students Illustrative photo - Lecturer Mgr. Petr Kopal Illustrative photo - Lecturer Mgr. Václav Ruml Illustrative photo - Lecturer Mgr. Milan Bárta Illustrative photo - Lecturer Mgr. Martin Tichý


(FS) – Bc. František Stárek (františek.starek@ustrcr.cz)
(JM) – PhDr. Jan Michl, PhD. (jan.michl@ustrcr.cz)
(JP) – Mgr. Jaroslav Pinkas (jaroslav.pinkas@ustrcr.cz)
(KC) – Mgr. Kamil Činátl, PhD. (kamil.cinatl@ustrcr.cz)
(LK) – PhDr. Ladislav Kudrna, PhD. (ladislav.kudrna@ustrcr.cz)
(MB) – Mgr. Milan Bárta (milan.barta@ustrcr.cz)
(MT) – Mgr. Martin Tichý (martin.tichy@ustrcr.cz)
(PK) – Mgr. Petr Kopal (petr.kopal@ustrcr.cz)
(PS) – Mgr. Petr Slinták (petr.slintak@ustrcr.cz)
(VR) – Mgr. Václav Ruml (vaclav.ruml@ustrcr.cz)
(ZH) – Mgr. Zdeněk Hazdra (zdenek.hazdra@ustrcr.cz)